Second Inning Home

20150811055233We live in a superfast world where we run around to achieve our goals and set new targets, trying too hard to be in the rat race, want to achieve luxury and be happy in this monetary world. But, in this race, somewhere we have forgotten to spend time with our family, our elders having rich experience of life and ready to share with the young minds which will eventually help them to achieve success and happiness easily. Ironically, our elders are not so blessed to share the golden experience with their young ones. They are left alone at home or roads and they have no one to talk to, forced to go out and spend time in parks, outside religious places, under the flyovers. Their needs are simple yet difficult to achieve. Sarthak Prayas has taken this responsibility to give these people in their golden age a Secure and Happy environment to spend their lifetime with the same age group and likeminded people

With your continued support we have finally started our Second Inning Home since 15th of August 2015 . It is a unique old age home for destitute, poor and abandoned Sr. Citizens in Chatterpur, Delhi. Your efforts to strengthen our endeavours have been delightful as We already received your contribution on certain items and few we have bought on your behalf to start the operations.

We are providing the following facilities Free of Cost in Second Inning Home:

  1. A clean and Safe dormitory bedding for destitute.
  2. Hygienic and simple food for them.
  3. Clean clothes, toiletries, blankets etc will be available.
  4. Dedicated people to take care of them 24 hrs.
  5. Newspapers in four major languages i.e. English, Hindi, Punjabi and Urdu.
  6. Magazines of different interest i.e. Politics, Current Affairs, Health and Spirituality.
  7. Games – Carom Board, Ludo, Chess, Bed Minton etc.
  8. Counseling Services on need
  9. Regular Health Checkup with the support of nearby Hospitals and Doctors.
  10. Their birthday celebration with regular picnic to involve them again with mainstream world.

We need following items for our Second Inning Home to ensure comfortable stay and long term care to Sr. Citizens.

  1. Medical Beds, 17 ( Rs. 7000 each)
  2. Deep Fridge 500 – 750 Ltr, Voltas (20-30000)
  3. Cupboards, 3
  4. Inverter, Double Battery (22-25000)
  5. Voltas All weather Split ACs 1.5T, 4 (200000 including installation)
  6. Water Dispensers, 2 ( 15000)
  7. Medium Size Suitcase/Luggage Trollies, 20
  8. Maruti EECO for multiple usage i.e transporting Sr. Citizens, Setting up Awareness Camps. Ration Distribution, Food distribution and Birthday Celebration at our education centres etc. (400000).
  9. An Ambulance for any Emergency
  10. Aluminium Door work at the entry of Second Inning Home (25000)
  11. Regular Supply of Ration Items, Vegetables & Fruits, Dairy Items, Toiletries Gas Cylinder Etc.

We have mentioned the cost of these items, which we prefer to get or buy new considering long time usage. You can either buy the items and give them to us or u may donate the same amount and get an income tax exemption as well for the same. We will immediately buy the item and send you the pic and invoice copy for complete transperancy.

External branding on the car and Aluminium Gate can be provided as a gesture of our gratitude for your support.

We will be to answer any questions you have regarding Second Inning Home. Do write to us at or call at +91 93103 11354.

Be our eye and refer any Sr. Citizen you find in need to our home by just calling us on the above number.


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